Recognize this guy? Sheboygan authorities seek public’s help in identifying man in custody

SHEBOYGAN --  Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe DeCecco needs help identifying a person who is currently in custody.

DeCecco says the man, who was arrested on June 29th for retail theft from a local supermarket, will only identify himself by using celebrity names such as “Calvin Klein” or “Heath Ledger."

The man is about 6’2” tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes,  and a short, full blonde beard.

“While the charge is a misdemeanor property crime, without identifying the subject we run the risk of not knowing if he is wanted elsewhere for something much more serious. DNA and fingerprint checks both in Wisconsin and nationally have not identified him. Our last hope is that someone in the community or elsewhere in the state knows who he is.”

The Sheboygan police contact for any information is Lieutenant Scott Mittlestadt who may be reached at (920) 459-3333.