Prosecution rests in accused Cudahy torture case

CUDAHY -- The prosecution rested Friday, July 26 in the jury trial of a Cudahy child abuse case.

The 15-year-old victim's father, Kevin Boon-Bey, 47, and stepmother, Felicia Boon, 35, are each charged with six felonies:

    Kevin Boon-Bey, Felicia Boon

    Prosecutors called Felicia Boon's teenage son to the witness stand Friday to testify against his mother and her husband, Kevin Boon-Bey.

    "You love your mother don't you? Is it hard for you to be here today? asked Matthew Torbenson, prosecutor.

    The teen, who is facing his own criminal charged in juvenile court, was told he would be granted immunity in exchange for telling the truth under oath. However, his testimony didn't go as planned.

    Felicia Boon

    "Do you remember Zip ties being on her door to lock her door?" asked Torbenson.

    "No," the teen said.

    The victim told jurors Thursday, July 25 that the defendants locked her in her room between August and December of 2018, without food or access to a bathroom. She says she was also beaten by other children under the direction of her parents.

    Her stepbrother told jurors his parents did not know what was happening.

    "I said that they were out somewhere," said the teen.

    "You don't remember telling Detective Andrews that your parents were home?" asked Torbenson. "Your agreement, you have to be truthful, you understand that?"

    Friday morning, Felicia Boon's attorney called her longtime friend to testify on her behalf.

    "She's always clean, always having the kids do chores," said Yazmin Furge, friend of Felicia Boon.

    Yazmin Furge told Boon-Bey, who is representing himself, that she saw the victim multiple times during the four-month period while she visited the couple's home.

    Yazmin Furge

    Kevin Boon-Bey

    "Were you aware of any activity that would make you not want to bring your children over to our house?," asked Boon-Bey.

    "No. You are very good with kids, that's why I brought my kids to your house," Furge said.

    A Cudahy police detective also testified about the statements from Felicia Boon's son to police the day he was interviewed. He said the teen admitted to burning and beating the victim on numerous occasions and that his parents were behind it.