Presidential campaign: Gov. Scott Walker wants to eliminate federal unions

MADISON— Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker's presidential run started when he took on labor. Now, he hopes another fight with unions can get his campaign back on track.

"We've got a plan to wreak havoc on Washington and our plan starts on day one," said Walker.

It's Scott Walker's new campaign catch phrase. His first stop? An old foe -- labor unions. Walker wants to eliminate federal unions -- and the National Labor Relations Board.

"Well, unfortunately this won't wreak so much havoc on Washington as it will in every one of the 50 states," said Nola Cross, a Milwaukee attorney who specializes in employment law.

Cross says Walker's plan was not well thought out. She says his plan would transfer labor cases to either a less-experienced board or the courts.

"The courts are very, very, very clogged. Getting into the courts and getting a trial within a couple years, you're lucky," said Cross.

Walker would ask Congress to create a nation right-to-work law. He wants to repeal prevailing wage laws, which set a minimum wage for construction projects and more.

Ahead of Monday evening's speech in Las Vegas, Walker released a promotional video. It talks up the issue that vaulted Walker to the national stage -- Act 10.

As for right-to-work, Walker did not want to talk about such a law in Wisconsin for years. It is now law in Wisconsin -- and Walker wants to take it nationwide.