Police: Mount Pleasant man threatened to kill wife, held knife to baby's throat

MOUNT PLEASANT -- Police arrested a 29-year-old Mount Pleasant man who threatened to kill his wife and held a knife to their newborn baby's throat early Saturday, Nov. 17.

A news release from Mount Pleasant Police Department indicates all of this unfolded around 4 a.m. at the Greenbay Meadows apartments.

A woman called police claiming her husband was going to "kill her." After she escaped the residence with an older child, officials say her husband held a knife to their newborn baby's throat, saying he was going to kill the child.

Officials say the man refused to come out of the residence or release the child. When police tried to force entry, the man blocked the door with couch sections.

The news release indicates officers climbed to the second story patio to gain entry to the home. One officer was able to move pieces of the couch and enter the residence.

Once officers got into the residence, the suspect was tased -- and the child was rescued. The newborn was checked by paramedics and suffered no injuries.

The suspect was taken to a hospital. After receiving treatment, he was expected to be transported to the Racine County Jail.

The suspect is expected to face multiple criminal charges.