Petition report to recall Mayor Bob Ryan delivered to City Council

SHEBOYGAN -- Voters are now about a month out from deciding the fate of embattled Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan. Sheboygan City Clerk Sue Richards presented her petition report to the City Council Monday night, but says the presentation is just a formality, because she's already approved the election.

Now, any declared candidate that would like to run in this recall election has two weeks to gather 200 signatures needed to run. Richards says six people have declared their candidacy against Mayor Ryan, and expects a seventh to join the race.

Ryan, a self-described alcoholic who went on a drinking binge in Elkhart Lake in August, and created other controversy, is automatically entered into the recall election, no signatures needed.

The primary will be held on January 17th, and if no one gets more than 50 percent of the vote, the top candidates will run against each other in late February. Richards has asked Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board to make that second vote the same day as an already scheduled primary set for February 21st.

The other option, as dictated by law, would be an additional election held on February 14th. Richards is still waiting to hear back about her request to avoid two elections just one week apart.

The impeachment effort against Mayor Ryan also continues separately at this time.