Pennsylvania restaurant worker wanted for peeping on women, children

WRIGHT TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania -- A Pennsylvania restaurant worker faces multiple charges after a diner caught him recording her through a hole in the bathroom ceiling Saturday, February 18th according to police.

Juan Prieto fled after being seen, but dropped his phone along the way, according to police. Prieto is now wanted on charges including child pornography after investigators said they found dozens of videos on the device.

Police say Prieto hid above a bathroom ceiling in Luigi's Pizza, where he worked, and made nearly 50 videos over the course of several weeks.  At least three of the victims were young girls, according to WNEP.

"This is someone who has serious issues. What would provoke somebody to do this? I have no idea why," said Wright Township Patrolman David Winsock.

Court papers indicate Prieto recorded the women from January 21 until last Saturday. That's when one woman inside a restroom stall looked up and saw a hand move a ceiling tile. She went for help, but Prieto managed to run out of the restaurant.

Fellow restaurant workers later confirmed to police that the cellphone found at the scene was Prieto's.  Since then, authorities have only been able to contact some of the women who were recorded.

"We're just asking people that were in the restaurant, customers – specifically females – that they can contact the Wright Township Police Department and just advise us that they were there, and we can see if they were possibly a victim or not, because we do need to ID victims that may be on those videos," said Patrolman Winsock.

Juan Prieto now faces invasion of privacy and child pornography charges. Police ask anyone with information that might help lead them to Prieto to contact them. The Wright Township Police department telephone number is (570) 474-9251.