On possible presidential bid, Governor Walker says he finds gaps in 2016 GOP field encouraging

RACINE (WITI/AP) — Gov. Scott Walker says he is seriously considering running for president because he sees gaps in the field of likely Republican candidates. Walker took another step towards a possible presidential run Tuesday, January 27th -- with the creation of a political action committee (PAC) that will help him travel and raise money as he prepares for a potential bid. It is a move Walker talked with reporters about one day later.

Walker said Wednesday that he doesn't have a problem with being branded as bland or uncharismatic.

"I think that ultimately people are looking for leaders who don`t just talk about it, but have actually done it -- have put in place common sense, conservative reforms," Walker said.

Papers for the PAC, "Our American Revival," were filed for the 527 organization, and a website went live on Tuesday.

"Part of setting up a committee like this is to talk about the ideas I think will transform America. To put the power back in the hands of the American people and what we`re trying to do is figure out if that`s a message that resonates well with others," Walker said.

While establishing this PAC isn't an official bid for the presidency, Walker admits it's a big step.

"From our standpoint, we are still exploring it. If we were doing anything different, we would actually form an outright committee but I think it`s important for us to look at the process," Walker said.

Walker says as he explores a potential presidential bid, nothing will change in terms of his role as governor, saying any decisions he makes from here on out won't be influenced by the potential bid.

"If I ever get to the point of a potential candidacy, I'm going to be judged just like any other candidate, not just on what I say, but what do and what I'm doing right now. People need to see in this state and potentially around the country that I put the interest of the taxpayers first," Walker said.

Walker says he's planning trips to important primary states including Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada and Florida in the coming weeks and months. He says if he feels his message is resonating, "that would probably encourage us to go forward."

Walker says voters want the next president to be someone who hasn't served in Washington, has a proven record and a fresh face. The second-term governor says voters do not want "a name from the past to take on a name from the past."

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