#JusticeForRaelyn: 14-year-old babysitter in custody, accused of putting 3-year-old in washer, dryer

GARRETT, Indiana -- A 14-year-old Indiana babysitter is in custody -- accused of putting a three-year-old girl in a washer and dryer.

Ever since the three-year-old girl's family posted about this incident on Facebook, it has caused national and international outrage -- and #JusticeForRaelyn has been trending on social media, WANE reports.

Prosecutors say two children were left in the care of the 14-year-old babysitter. They say some of the babysitter's friends joined him, and at some point, three-year-old Raelyn Camp was placed in a washer and then a dryer.

According to WANE, someone turned the dryer on several times -- and Camp suffered multiple bruises all over her body.

Prosecutors say the teenagers may have been imitating a YouTube stunt involving an animal as the victim.

WANE spoke with Raelyn Camp's mother, Missy.

Missy Camp said she left Raelyn and her five-year-old daughter in the care of a 14-year-old boy whom Camp said is a long-time family friend who had babysat for her before. When Missy came to pick up her daughters, she found bruises all over Raelyn's body.

Missy Camp told WANE her apartment was trashed -- and there were drugs on the floor.

Camp said it was her five-year-old daughter who told her what happened. The child said the babysitter invited three friends over, and the boys put Raelyn in the washer, filled with water, and then the dryer.

Camp told WANE there were also signs of possible sexual abuse, and Raelyn would be tested for rape.

“She’s quiet. Like usually she’s very hyper, running around, going crazy and all that but lately she just kind of wants to sit on the couch and cuddle. She doesn’t eat as much," Missy Camp said. "My first goal is to just get one to break down and just kind of admit or say who did it and from there press charges and hopefully they get what they deserve."