'It's devastating:' Milwaukee couple's wedding photos disappeared from photographer's rental vehicle

MILWAUKEE -- After a perfect wedding day, the happy couple was hit with some devastating news. Their photos from that day were gone. The photographer said her gear was stolen.

The photographer said it happened after she returned a rental car. She said she kept the gear in the trunk, and after she returned to the car, the gear disappeared.

"It was just perfect," said Chelsy Holat, bride. "More than we could've imagined." Days later, their vows were already being tested.

"This is our first hardship," said Alex Holat. "It's a horrible situation, but I think we're handling it really well together."

The Holats shared a few of the only photos of their wedding day.

Chelsy Holat, Alex Holat

"We did a sparkler first dance," said Chelsy Holat. "A friend took this for us. Me twirling in my dress."

They said they were cherishing those photos after nearly all of their professional photos disappeared.

"It's helpless," said Chelsy Holat. "It's heartbreaking. It's devastating."

Chelsy Holat, Alex Holat

Chelsy Holat, Alex Holat

Erika Diaz

Their wedding photographer left the venue in Milwaukee on Friday night in a rental car and drove back to Madison with her cameras in the trunk. She returned the vehicle the next morning, and hours later, she realized her gear was missing.

"When I went back and opened the trunk, there was nothing in the trunk," said Erika Diaz, photographer.

Her cameras and all of the photos on them were gone. Diaz said she believes everything was stolen.

"I just want their memories back," said Diaz.

As do the Holats, who said they want to always be able to look and remember the magic on their wedding day.

"It's just such a whirlwind of a day that everything flies by, and you want to be able to relive it," said Chelsy Holat.

A $700 reward was offered for the return of the photos, as well as a PO Box: P.O. Box 044105 Racine, WI 53404, so the photos/memory cards can be returned without question.

The couple and the photographer asked anyone who might have the photos to please call police.