'It started hurting, so I ran:' 12-year-old boy wounded in shooting outside his home

MILWAUKEE -- A 12-year-old boy had a frightening experience Saturday night, June 8 when he came close to gunfire near 28th and Wells.

"I was crying," said Adam Turay, the young victim.

It was a long night for Turay. The 12-year-old spoke with FOX6 News Sunday after the incident outside his home Saturday night. He was headed outside to be picked up by his soccer coach when he had a dangerous encounter.

12-year-old shot near 28th and Wells

Madagbeh Fofana

"I was going outside. I was looking for him," said Turay. "I just heard a 'pop' sound. Then the side of my leg right there was hurting. I checked, and I was bleeding. It just started hurting, so I ran."

Neighbors heard the incident unfold.

"We heard a gunshot. Just one gunshot," said Bobby Porter, who lives nearby. "We're thankful the little boy is alive. He got shocked and everything. I know he was teary-eyed."

12-year-old shot near 28th and Wells

12-year-old shot near 28th and Wells

Fortunately, Turay suffered only a minor abrasion. Police said he was struck in the leg by a possible shrapnel when a man on the sidewalk fired a gun into the ground.

"He's doing good now," said Madagbeh Fofana, Turay's grandma. "Been to the hospital last night."

Turay said he was grateful he was OK, but said he was feeling a little uneasy about being back where it all happened.

"God saved me," said Turay. "I just want to move."

12-year-old shot near 28th and Wells

Neighbors said they were also concerned about the gunfire that erupted.

"People need to learn how to change themselves and control their actions and think about other people's kids and stuff," said one neighbor.

"I hope this will be waking people up, and stop with all these guns and stuff like that," said Porter.

Police said the investigation was ongoing, and they were searching for the shooter.

12-year-old shot near 28th and Wells