Informational meeting held to discuss Hoan Bridge repair plan

MILWAUKEE -- The Hoan Bridge is getting a makeover, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation held an informational meeting Wednesday, April 25th to spell out plans for revamping the bridge.

The meeting was held at the DOT headquarters on St. Paul Avenue in Milwaukee from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Layouts of plans for the bridge were scattered throughout a room and project team members stood by to answer questions.

The plan deals involves three aspects:

    "We go south over the Hoan Bridge quite often and right now it`s not very convenient and is it going to be less convenient once the new construction is finished?" Donald Nasgowitz said.

    "The bridge is safe to travel on, but there are critical items that should be taken care of in next five years to extend the life of the bridge, so we`re hoping to extend the life of the bridge by 50 years, and these repairs will help us do that," Project Manager Carolynn Gellings said.

    The plans have to be finalized but the DOT hopes to start construction in the Fall of 2013 and finish in 2016.

    There will be access to the downtown area throughout construction, although there will be ramp closures from time to time.

    CLICK HERE for more information on the Hoan Bridge project via the Wisconsin DOT website.

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