'I felt so bad about it:' Community unites to raise money for families of children involved in hit-and-run

MILWAUKEE -- Dozens attended a fundraiser honoring two sisters killed in a hit-and-run crash that happened on Oct. 24 near 22nd Street and Center Street on Sunday, Nov. 3 -- showing support for their family.

The mother of Alisa and Amea Gee, ages 6 and 4, attended the fundraiser at the Project Hope Youth Center, as members of the community wrapped their arms around her.

"We have baked chicken, fried chicken," said Rita Lee with New Hope Youth and Family Services.

Lee helped make sure the food was ready as the large group gathered to help the family of the Gee sisters.

"My heart really goes out for that mom," said Lee.

Guests purchased meals to support the family. The sisters' 10-year-old cousin, Drevyze Rayford, was hurt in the crash.

"I felt so bad about it, and the least I could do was come out and support them," said Annie Wilbure.

Wilbure and her friends didn't know the victims personally but wanted to do their part to help.

"What I've done, I've done from the heart," said Wilbure. "It might not be much, but God knew it was from the heart."

The crash happened in the heart of Alderman Russell Stamper's district.

"We are doing our best, but obviously, we can do more," said Stamper.

Hit-and-run crash scene near 22nd and Center

Alderman Stamper not only donated to the family, but he also made them a promise.

"We're going to do better as a city," said Stamper. "We're going to do better as a community, and they have my word and my pledge that, to the best of my ability, we're going to make these streets as safe as possible."

As the fundraiser wrapped up, family prepared to lay the girls to rest on Monday, Nov. 4.

"There are good people in Milwaukee and the community does come together when there's a tragedy as this," said Lee.

Six felony charges were filed Friday, Nov. 1 against Daetwan Robinson, 19, including second-degree reckless homicide.

Prosecutors said the striking vehicle was speeding in the bicycle lane -- passing vehicle stopped at the intersection to allow the children to cross. The kids were hit as they walked home from a nearby playground. A piece of the bumper was recovered at the scene, and the next day, police got an anonymous tip. That tipled them to a home near 13th Street and Burleigh Street, where a search warrant was executed. Prosecutors said the striking vehicle, a Saturn Aura, was found in that garage, and it had been partially painted black with spray paint. That piece of bumper recovered at the crash scene fit the vehicle exactly. Prosecutors said Robinson spoke with someone through social media after the crash and indicated "I got in a car accident," admitting he "hit the three kids" and he had made "a rookie mistake." A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Nov. 8.

This GoFundMe.com account was set up in Alisa and Amea Gee's honor.

This GoFundMe.com account was set up for 10-year-old Drevyze Rayford.