'Hands-on learning:' Sheboygan Falls farm hosts 1st open house

A farm in Sheboygan Falls on Sunday, Sept. 27 hosted its first open house called "Sundae on the Farm." It offered the perfect opportunity to get some hands-on experience with agriculture and farming.

Life on the farm might seem simple, but there's a lot that goes into it. With that in mind, the Sheboygan Falls farm played host to an open house.

Sundae on the Farm

"Today, you'll bring the whole family down, pay $10 at the gate, come on in and that $10 gives you free ice cream from Cedar Crest and milk, and you can experience the farm firsthand," said Nicole Butler of Diamond Vu Agriculture Education Center.

Diamond Vu is a nonprofit program to help families better understand the role farming plays into everyday life — providing educational resources, programs and events on-site.

Sundae on the Farm

"A 100% hands-on learning experience for the young and the old to come and experience what it’s like to live on a farm," said Butler.

Visitors learn the dairy side of operations -- like how to milk a cow, feed a calf and show animals. There's also a horticulture aspect to the farm.

Sundae on the Farm

"You can learn how to make a bouquet, learn the latest and greatest floral design techniques and learn how to tend to your garden," Butler said.

Sunday's open house allowed visitors of all ages to explore the world of farming -- getting a hands-on experience.

Sundae on the Farm

"I’d like to share my dream with the public, and give them the opportunity and the experience of living on a farm while not necessarily living on a farm," Butler said.

If you'd like to learn more about Diamond Vu and how to get involved, CLICK HERE.