Gov. Walker: Katy Perry won't get your child a job in 4 years

WAUWATOSA -- There is no stage, no music, and no rock and roll celebrities at the Republican Wauwatosa victory center.  But Gov. Scott Walker believes what is happening inside this small room, will be more helpful to winning on Tuesday, than a celebrity endorsed visit.

"It's kind of fun that they're bringing folks in like that, but in the end Katy Perry is not going to get your son or daughter a job in four years.  Only Mitt Romney is going to do that," says Walker.

Walker and republican senator Ron Johnson visited the victory center as part of a statewide tour to boost volunteers energy with just days until Tuesday's election.

"Our side understands what's at stake in this election.  They're side I don't think really has a clue," says Johnson.

"It shows just how concerned they are of the state of Wisconsin.  And how they are in real trouble here.  I think they are seeing Wisconsin slip away," Johnson added as he talked about the democrats announced celebrity visits.

The two believe the key to winning the election, is with the help of a strong grass routes effort.  They urged volunteers to keep up the work, with such little time left.

"We've only got a few hours left, we got to hit more doors, we got to hit more phones,we got to talk to more people we're going to win on Tuesday," Walker told the volunteers.

Walker and Johnson's schedule on Saturday includes Wauwatosa, LaCrosse, Janesville, and Hudson.