Going paperless: MCTS prints off the last of its weekly paper bus passes

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) printed its last set of weekly paper bus passes on Tuesday, January 26th. That's because MCTS is going paperless on February 29th.

The last four weekly passes were specifically designed as part of a collector’s series to mark the history of weekly paper passes that began in 1930. The last of them rolled off the foil stamp machine Tuesday morning.


So what's next? Beginning Leap Day, February 29th, MCTS will no longer sell or issue paper passes, tickets and transfers. Riders will still be able to pay with cash, but are encouraged to get the MCTS M•CARD, the reusable electronic smart card that makes riding easier and cheaper.

"The cards are easy to use. They make the process of boarding that much faster. They allow us to get a lot more and better data about who's using and when to determine when we do routes," Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele said.

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