'God is with us' -- A symbol of hope found among tornado debris in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY (WITI) -- As a tornado barreled through south Oklahoma City and Moore on Wednesday evening, March 25th, many residents were seeking shelter.

After the storm passed, many of those residents realized the extent of the damage done to their property and neighborhoods.

While damage and debris is usually a disheartening sight, some people are finding hope in a broken power pole. Chase Rhodes snapped a picture of power lines near 119th St. and Western Ave.

The power pole formed a cross, suspended on the lines in the air.

EMSA officials say they treated five patients for non-life threatening injuries. At this point, officers are still trying to assess the damage.

CNN is reporting at least one person was killed.

Several homes sustained roof damage and there are dozens of reports of downed power lines and tree limbs.