Glendale police: Vehicle stopped for having stolen plate leads to 3 arrests

GLENDALE -- Three people were taken into custody Sunday night, June 3 during a traffic stop. This, after Glendale officers spotted a stolen license plate on the vehicle. Marijuana was also located in the vehicle.

According to police, around 8:30 p.m. officers made a "high risk" traffic stop near Bayshore Town Center on a vehicle that had a stolen license plate attached to the rear.

Glendale police said "this is standard procedure in situations like this because often times criminals steal legitimate license plates, attach them to a stolen vehicle, and use the vehicles to commit high level crimes such as robberies and deal drugs."

The driver and two passengers we taken into custody without incident.

The driver admitted to knowingly buying the plate on the street illegally.  She was issued municipal citations for receiving stolen property and possession of marijuana, which was located in her vehicle.  She also admitted ownership of the drugs, which totaled 20 grams.