'Getting crazy:' Neighbors fed up with violence after Easter shooting near 22nd and Townsend

MILWAUKEE -- A man was shot multiple times on Easter Sunday in Milwaukee. It happened near 22nd and Townsend on Sunday morning, April 21 -- and neighbors said they're simply fed up with the violence.

Scrubbing the grill while getting ready for a holiday meal, Samuel Campbell said he wishes he could also clean up the streets after a violent Easter Sunday morning in his neighborhood.

Shooting near 22nd and Townsend

Samuel Campbell

"It was crazy stuff always happening," said Campbell. "A lot of gunshots. That's all I remember. A lot of gunshots."

Ishmere Williams said the commotion disrupted the neighborhood.

"The whole block woke up," said Williams. "Kids out here, everything, early in the morning."

Neighbors watched as Milwaukee police combed the vehicle and surrounding area for evidence.

"Police were around the car and there was a rescue," said Campbell.

Witnesses told FOX6 News the victim, a 23-year-old man, was driving in reverse, seemingly trying to get away from a shooter, when he was shot multiple times and crashed into a tree.

Shooting near 22nd and Townsend

"I saw the ambulance and the police, fire trucks and things going so fast," said Selty Perkins, neighbor.

Ishmere Williams

Police said the victim was expected to survive.

"I feel sorry for the family of whoever they are," said Campbell.

Shooting near 22nd and Townsend

Neighbors were dismayed by the violence on a holy holiday.

"This city is getting crazy," said Williams.

"I thought it was going to be a great day, but that happened and it kind of spoiled it," said Campbell.

But these neighbors said they wouldn't let this incident shake their faith that one day soon, they won't have to wake ip to scenes like this.

"No violence, period," said Williams.

"Hope and pray," said Perkins.

The investigation was ongoing.

Shooting near 22nd and Townsend