Fundraiser scheduled at Jen's Sweet Treats to benefit family of Tracey Smith, killed in road rage shooting

Tracey Smith

CUDAHY -- Jennifer Clark with Jen's Sweet Treats scheduled a fundraiser for Friday, Sept. 27 to benefit the family of Tracey Smith, a Wisconsin Department of Corrections sergeant who was fatally shot at 51st and Capitol Drive on Aug. 30 while off-duty, as she taught her son how to drive.

Clark said 100% of proceeds from sales Friday would be donated to Smith's family.

Additionally, Clark scheduled a burger and brat fry from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m., and invited people to, "Please stop by and pick up some yummy treats and show support for this hometown hero!"

Jen's Sweet Treats is located on Packard Avenue near Layton Avenue in Cudahy.


Clark has held a number of these fundraisers for fallen police officers.

Matthew Wilks

Prosecutors said Matthew Wilks, 35, of Whitefish Bay pulled the trigger in the shooting that killed Smith. Charges of first degree intentional homicide, and possession of a firearm by a felon were filed Sept. 4.

According to the criminal complaint, Smith and her son were driving on N. 51st Boulevard on their way to a clothing store when they approached W. Fond du Lac Avenue. Smith's son was driving at the time. The son told police as he was making a turn onto Fond du Lac, a gold van that was on the passenger side of his car cut over in front of him to make a left turn from the wrong lane. As a result, there was a collision between the front passenger corner of the Smith vehicle and the driver's side of the gold van.

The complaint said as soon as Smith's son stopped the car, Smith got out to look at the damage. Smith's son told police his mother was upset and yelling at the driver of the van. The son then heard the driver of the van state, "(Expletive), I'll kill you." The complaint said "the driver of the van then pointed a gun and fired one shot." Smith stumbled and fell to the ground. Smith later died at a hospital.

The bullet struck Smith in the heart and lung.

Officials said the driver of the van got back into the vehicle, did a U-turn, and drove away. Detectives used surveillance video from the area to identify the license plate on the van involved in this crash. It was listed to Wilks.

Smith's son also identified Wilks with a photo array shown to him by police.

Matthew Wilks

Prosecutors said Wilks was convicted in Feb. 2008 of the felony offenses possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of cocaine.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges filed in the shooting involving Smith on Sept. 12. A scheduling conference was set for Sept. 26.