Fun ways technology can help you talk to Santa and even catch him in your own home

Fun ways to get in touch with Santa and even catch him in your own house! 

It’s that time of the year when the kids will want to summon Santa! Thanks to technology, you’ve got lots of fun ways to interact with the big guy!

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On a Google smart speaker or phone just say, "Hey Google, call Santa!"

You’ll be connected to Santa himself to play a fun game.

On Amazon Echo speakers, you’ll get a variety of responses by asking, "Alexa, call Santa." But if you really want to get in touch with the North Pole, you'll have to go into the Alexa app and enable the "Call Santa" skill in the Alexa app first. There are lots of them, I'd recommend the official one from Amazon.

As for iPhone, you can try calling Santa but Siri isn't playing any reindeer games. You’ll get a holiday quip but that’s about it.

Want to track the big guy? Check out Google's Santa Tracker website to see a countdown to Christmas, along with several fun little games you can play!

Thanks to augmented reality, you can even capture a video of Santa in your own home. Check out an iPhone app called Catch Santa AR! Just aim it at your tree or your fireplace and you can record a short video of Santa sneaking by, rushing in with gifts or even saying Hi to the camera! It's pretty neat, but it will take some trial and error to get a great looking result.

Much easier are apps from Capture the Magic. They have app for iPhone and Android that let you superimpose Santa on any scene! Just snap a pic, drag him into the frame and fine tune the effect. It's pretty realistic! There are several free stickers to choose from or you can pay to access more.

Catch Santa in my house app