Family holds vigil for young man killed in crash near 12th and Locust

Lequon McCoy

MILWAUKEE -- A vigil was held Thursday evening, Aug. 1 for a 19-year-old man who was killed after being hit by a reckless driver.

Police were pursuing a reckless driver in a stolen vehicle for nearly four miles before they crashed near 12th and Locust.

Lequon McCoy was killed after police say the suspect's vehicle collided with McCoy's car.

Loved ones held signs and placed balloons near the scene of the crash. McCoy's family shared a stern warning at the vigil.

"To the people who want to steal cars, and think that this is Grand Theft Auto -- a video game or something like that -- it's not. It's real out here. People are losing lives all because you want to steal a car and joyride. It's really not worth it," said Shardae Pickens, victim's cousin. "And remember when you're chasing somebody over a material thing, a car that can be replaced, there's innocent lives in these streets that is going to be taken for no reason over something that could have been replaced. My cousin's life is way, way, way more valuable than a car that's being made, you know, millions of cars a day being made. It's just not worth it."

The suspect survived and taken to the hospital following the crash and in police custody.