Democrats host annual Founders Day Gala Dinner

MILWAUKEE CO. (WITI) -- On Saturday, April 12th Democrats held their annual Founders Day Gala Dinner to help raise money for the Governor's race, but they weren't the only party making an effort to claim the state's top job.

The finish line may be in November, but the starting line in the race for governor has already begun. Both Republicans and Democrats trotted out their candidates in an effort to get their bases fired up for what they're calling an epic fight.

"Every person contributing what they can. For some of you it might mean ten dollars a month, but for others of you I see out there tonight can do more, in fact, quite a bit more," said Mary Burke, Democratic candidate for governor.

Raising money was clearly part of the goal tonight, but which candidate faces a bigger monetary disadvantage depends on whom you ask. Governor Scott Walker says national unions are gunning for him.

"We're going to be under attack between now and November 4th, but I want to reinforce at the end of February a number of the national public employee unions voted to move $300 million from money they normally spend on congressional races, into six states: Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine, and what's number one on the list? Wisconsin," said Walker.

Both candidates actions seem to signal agreement on one thing -- the need to mobilize foot soldiers early in the fight. Additionally, both parties say they're preparing for a long, hard fight for your vote on Election Day.