Deangelo Williams in court for status hearing

MILWAUKEE -- 16-year-old Deangelo Williams, the teen charged for his connection to the murder of Dalbir Singh at the Harmony Food store, waived his right to have a preliminary hearing within 10 days of his arrest during a court appearance Tuesday morning, August 21st.

Williams faces two felonies for allegedly being connected to the murder of a convenience store worker through an attempted robbery — he faces first-degree reckless homicide and possession of a firearm by a felon.

56-year-old Dalbir Singh was fatally shot Wednesday night, August 15th at the Harmony Food store near 38th and Locust. Authorities say Singh was shot around 9 p.m. during what appears to be an attempted armed robbery.

The criminal complaint against Williams says he confronted Singh and waved a gun at him. Singh and his nephew, Jatinder Singh, ran inside the store, slamming the door and trying to keep it shut to prevent Williams from getting in. 

The complaint indicates that as the Singhs were holding the door, “there was a gunshot from outside the door that penetrated the door and hit Dalbir Singh in the forehead.”

Jatinder Singh told police Williams had been in the store just prior to the shooting. 

Williams will be back in court on Wednesday, August 22nd for another status hearing and possible preliminary hearing.

If convicted of the charges, Williams faces up to 60 years in prison. Bail remains $250,000 cash.

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