DA, police confirm no charges against pregnant woman who called for firing of security after Mayfair incident

WAUWATOSA -- No charges will be filed against Octavia Stitts, a pregnant woman who said she was taken down by Mayfair Mall security on Oct. 12 and called for their firing, the Milwaukee County district attorney and Milwaukee police confirmed Tuesday, Nov. 26.

A spokesman for the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office told FOX6 News prosecutors would not seek criminal charges. In a statement to FOX6, Captain Christopher Fox with the Wauwatosa Police department said, “The Milwaukee County DA’s Office determined not to charge Ms. Stitts criminally; the Wauwatosa Police Department has declined to pursue municipal charges against Ms. Stitts, as well. We have closed the case.”

Octavia Stitts

Stitts held a news conference days after the incident, on Oct. 17, during which she called for the firing of security involved in the incident captured by cellphone cameras.

Stitts said her daughter was being detained after a fight at the mall, and Stitts said she went to step in and the incident escalated to her being taken down. She said she was hospitalized afterward, and spoke with FOX6 News from her hospital bed a day later.

"The situation could have been handled better," said Stitts during the news conference. "It felt like I was not safe. My daughter was not safe. I was harmed. My unborn child could have died. It's just horrible."

Stitts was not arrested after the incident, but two others were taken into custody.

After the incident, Wauwatosa police said they were conducting interviews about what happened, and looking into the conduct of the security guards.

The Original Black Panthers of Milwaukee demanded Mayfair's general manager fire the security guards involved, with a half-dozen members making their way through the mall in response to the cellphone video.

"We're going to disrupt, disturb. We are going to be good friends, me and you," said Darryl "King Rick" Farmer, Original Black Panthers of Milwaukee.

Mayfair officials told FOX6 News the individuals involved in this incident on Saturday were "disruptive, uncooperative, and became physically assaultive towards security officers."