Convicted sex offender accused of trying to babysit children, speaks exclusively with FOX6

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A convicted sex offender is accused of trying to babysit local children. Court records show he was hanging out at a substance abuse center for veterans -- targeting moms who were desperate for child care. But that sex offender spoke exclusively with FOX6 News -- and says he's being unfairly targeted.

Jeffrey Jensen says he's a U.S. Navy veteran who likes to hang out at Dry Hooch, a substance abuse center for veterans.

"I go there to hang out with fellow veterans, to spend time with them. I don't go there begging for food and money," said  Jensen. "When I was there, I befriended two women there."

In July, one of those women reported Jensen for offering babysitting services to veteran families -- even though he's a convicted sex offender.

"They said I confronted a woman and offered to babysit her child," said Jensen.

Investigators say Jensen told the woman, "You can trust me, I'm a vet" and "I love kids and kids love me."

"I've never touched a child in my life. I've taken a polygraph proving I'm not attracted to children. I've seen a lot of children in my life and I've never been attracted to them, I've never wanted to touch them," said Jensen.

Jensen was first labeled a sex offender back in 2005 when he was convicted of using a computer to facilitate a sex crime. He was chatting with a 14-year-old girl on the internet -- who turned out to be an undercover cop. Police say he tried to meet up with her at an Old Navy store to have sex.

"I served my time for this stuff. Even though it was accusations," said Jensen.

Then in 2011, Racine police got a tip from concerned parents saying their 13-year-old daughter and her teenage friend had been sent a friend request from "Jeffrey J" on FourSquare -- in violation of the sex offender registry. Later, police say they found child porn on Jensen's computer.

"I will admit I have a problem with an addiction for lust. For adult women," said Jensen. "I had over 100 images of adult women. They're claiming two of them are underage children which is a bald face lie."

Jensen says the most recent allegations, that he was trying to babysit for children, are untrue -- even though police say they found several baby and toddler toys in his house and a cartoon poster on his front door.

"I put that on my door to welcome people to my house, not children," said Jensen. "I love this country. And it hurts me so much that somebody who wants to make a headline will deface a veteran like this and make him look like a pervert. When I'd rather kill myself than harming a child."

As for the baby items found in Jensen's home, he says they were left there by previous tenants. Jensen says he had been meaning to give them away or donate them to a local church. He also told FOX6 News because of these new allegations, he has lost his job. While he waits for trial in the two cases pending against him, Jensen is not allowed to use a computer.