Attacks prompt new plans to protect bus drivers

MILWAUKEE -- The attack on a Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver is prompting drivers, the union and the bus company to come up with new plans to protect those drivers.

The Amalgamated Transit Union is calling for more bus security and is hopeful new funds just approved in the county budget will help.

Right now, 25 bus drivers have driver shields as part of a pilot test program. Starting in 2012, any new bus ordered will be equipped with a driver shield.
A spokesperson for MCTS says they are looking for grants to retrofit current buses with the same types of shields.
Each existing bus is equipped with four security cameras.

"Beyond the cameras we have an emergency alarm system. we make sure all of our operators have a direct connection to our emergency personnel through our dispatch center," said Jacqueline Janz from the Milwaukee County Transit System.

The union is working with drivers to see what driver shields work the best so there isn't too much glare -- which could be a problem when they drive.