Arrest made after purse, wallet, car stolen from Bay View home

A 29-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a break-in that happened in Bay View early Tuesday morning, Sept. 15. The suspect allegedly broke into a Bay View couple's home while they slept -- stealing valuable belongings and their sense of security.

David Lopez said the break-in happened while he and his wife were sound asleep upstairs. 

"We didn't hear anything though, which was scary...scary," he said.  

When the couple woke up, they realized important belongings were missing. 

"We started to notice laptop gone, her purse gone, my wallet gone," said Lopez.

A neighbor's surveillance video helped Lopez and police piece together the crime -- capturing an individual lurking through the darkness.Lopez said after his keys were taken, the burglar made his way into a locked garage, eventually pulling away with the car parked inside. 

The suspect was arrested in Glendale and the vehicle was also recovered in Glendale. Criminal charges will be referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office in the upcoming days.  

Purse, wallet, car stolen from Bay View home while couple slept

Police are looking for a burglar who broke into a Bay View home while a couple slept Tuesday, Sept. 15, getting away with valuables and leaving behind a pair of boots.