Activists ask police chief to make riding the bus safer

MILWAUKEE -- Change is on the way for the Milwaukee County Bus System after a series of violent attacks within the past two weeks. Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said on Friday more officers will ride the bus, but a community group wants him to do more to ensure the safety of riders.

On Saturday, the group held a rally in support for the drivers and riders. Equipped with signs and their message, they boarded the bus.

The group wants the community as a whole to work together, as long as others are willing to move forward. They are also asking the city to add a text alert system, which could keep whistle-blowers safe.

Community activist Priscilla Coggs-Jones says the system would allow people to send anonymous texts. She says it would make them not feel like a potential target by the person causing the ruckus.

Tracey Dent says, "Ending violence is a process. It's not going to happen overnight. And it is going to take people like us, that's committed to the cause, to make change."