Acting sheriff 'applauds' law that permanently revokes licenses after 4+ drunk driving convictions

MILWAUKEE -- Governor Scott Walker signed a bill into law on Wednesday, March 28, permanently revoking driver's licenses of people convicted of four or more drunk driving-related offenses. It's a move Acting Milwaukee County Sheriff Richard Schmidt is applauding.

The fourth offense must happen with 15 years of the previous conviction.

Those who lose their licenses and are caught driving will face a $2,500 fine, and up to a year in jail.

Acting Sheriff Schmidt said this measure is long overdue, and the sooner they can get these drivers off the streets, the safer we all are.

Acting Milwaukee County Sheriff Richard Schmidt

"I applaud what's taken place. Fourth offense, that person shouldn't have a license, and I totally agree with that -- and I'm thrilled to death to see that legislation go through," said Acting Sheriff Schmidt.

The signing of the legislation into law comes after nine arrests just this year alone of individuals accused of driving drunk with children in their vehicles, along with arrests of repeat offenders.

"The issue is, people don't fear the law. The pleasure of getting drunk and is worth the chance, if you will, to many people.This is behavior that has got to stop, not just in Milwaukee County, but around the county," said Acting Sheriff Schmidt.

Drunk driving

Acting Sheriff Schmidt was quick to point out whether a drunk driver has a license or not -- they'll continue to drive if they so choose, and for this to work, those offenders need to be afraid of acting recklessly.

"If there's not a penalty that matches the pleasure of driving drunk, we're not ever going to win this battle," said Acting Sheriff Schmidt.

He said this legislation needs to be one of many steps aimed at preventing this, and we should continue in this direction until we can change the way people behave.