'A step into the right direction:' 13th annual Fatherhood Summit uplifts dads in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- A summit meant to uplift the community through Milwaukee fathers took place on Saturday, Oct. 6.

The Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative held its 13th annual Fatherhood Summit.

Dads learned about resources throughout the city, different services and support systems.

Organizers say they recognize that there's not a lot of programming out there for men -- recognizing and celebrating fathers in any stage.


"We want to celebrate the guys who might not have their lives all together but they made the first steps to try and get themselves together. They got up at seven this morning, they're in the building going to workshops, they're trying to get their drivers license, they're talking to legal entities to get child custody and placement -- so just making a step to go into the right direction is enough to celebrate as well," said Natasha Dotson, project director

The summit also offered health information and screenings. It wrapped up Saturday afternoon.