93-year-old Senior Olympics Hall of Fame inductee says water has drowned memories of tough childhood

WEST BEND -- She's going for gold, and not slowing down! A West Bend woman will soon be inducted into the Senior Olympics Hall of Fame!

"Nobody ever guesses how old I am," Edith Schultz said.

If there is such a thing as the "Fountain of Youth," it may spring from the water that draws Schultz day after day.

"They say 70s? 80s? One of them one time said 60s!  I am proud to tell you, I will be 94 in a week from Saturday, (April 1st)," Schultz said.

Schultz taught herself how to swim when she was 10.

Edith Schultz

"I went up to the rope and held on with one arm. I did the motions with the other leg and I let go and I was swimming, and I haven't stopped," Schultz said.

For the last decade, Schultz has competed in the Wisconsin Senior Olympics.

"One time, I beat -- in time -- two men. At 71 and 77, I had a better time than those two," Schultz said.

Edith Schultz

She says her time in the pool has helped drown memories of a difficult childhood growing up in Poland.

"The Russians cut us off and took us into a prison camp," Schultz said.

Schultz spent three months there, before coming to the United States in 1948. She now lives at Cedar Community in West Bend, and said she's honored to be inducted into the Wisconsin Senior Olympics Hall of Fame the weekend before her 94th birthday.

Edith Schultz

"This is like a birthday gift I never had in my whole life!" Schultz said.

Schultz will be inducted into the Wisconsin Senior Olympic Hall of Fame on April 1st.  She said she's got more gold medals than Michael Phelps! She's divided all of her medals, and they've been given to her two children, her two grandchildren and her great-grandchild. She kept three of them for herself.