13-year-old loses his life after overdosing on heroin; his father in police custody

DAYTON, Ohio --A 13-year-old boy is dead after overdosing on heroin, and now, police in Ohio are investigating how the boy got access to the drug.

Police say 13-year-old Nathan Wylie was unconscious after using heroin. His father, Robert, admitted to having the drug.

"He had to be a survivor, because he was a victim. He was a victim of the system. He was a victim of heroin," Penny Jo Bilbrey, Wylie's aunt said.

The boy's father is now in jail.

"I promised Nathan I'm gonna be his voice, because obviously he didn't have one," Bilbrey said.

This case has been tough for the family, and even those who deal with overdoses every day.

"Anybody that's unconscious under the age of 40 or so, we automatically think it's probably an overdose until we get there," Brad Phillips, paramedic said.

Phillips has been working to save lives for 17 years. He said in March, they had 100 more calls for overdoses vs. in March of 2016 -- and it's impacting all ages.

"Two adults overdosed in the park with their kids in the backseat," Phillips said.

Phillips said he's seen young teenagers overdose as well, and they have to treat it just like any other case.

"I'm in this business to help people. I've been a big fan of humanity my entire career. so when something like this takes hold..." Phillips said.

"There are too many children affected by this," Bilbrey said.

Medics gave Wylie Narcan at the scene, but he died four days later.

"He deserved a second chance. He deserved a life," Bilbrey said.

Robert Wylie was taken into custody on previous drug warrants. An early charge of child endangerment was dropped as the investigation into Nathan Wylie's death continues.