'Very surreal:' How the pandemic upended spring training, impacted the Brewers' clubhouse

MILWAUKEE -- It's no surprise that the ticket offices at Miller Park are closed during this pandemic. However, as the coronavirus really started to take effect in the country, it came as a big surprise that spring training was shut down. FOX6's Brandon Cruz talked with Milwaukee Brewers beat writer Adam McCalvy about how that all unfolded in Phoenix.

Adam McCalvy

McCalvy: It was very surreal. You know, Brandon, when you're away from home and there is a tragedy or worry, it is difficult. You know, it was difficult for the players who have families that they were thinking about. It was difficult for those of us who were away from home. It was difficult for everybody.

Cruz: Yeah, how did they adjust? Because it went to a point where they were going to have a voluntary workout. The weekend off. Then a workout scheduled for Monday. But every day, every hour things were changing.

American Family Fields of Phoenix

McCalvy: That was the difficult part about it is it was changing by the hour. Major League Baseball was talking to its own medical experts, civic leaders, and trying to find and make smart decisions for their own employees, employers and the fans themselves to keep everybody safe. We went from reporting to work as normal. To all of a sudden, the clubhouse is closed to non-essential employees. A few days later spring training is suspended, but workouts will continue. And then a day after that, or so, no more workouts. Nothing. It changed very, very quickly and I think the reality within the sport set in of the seriousness of this situation for the country and for the whole world.

So now the question remains as to when spring training will resume. They are hoping it will happen, as they are looking forward to a regular season.