The Pack is back! Packers Training Camp begins Thursday, July 27th

GREEN BAY -- The Pack is back! Green Bay Packers Training Camp begins Thursday, July 27th. Can you believe it's already time for some football?!

From Day #1 for the Packers, the goal is another Lombardi Trophy.

The Green Bay Packers have made the NFL playoffs eight seasons in a row. Only two teams have made the playoffs nine seasons in a row, so the Packers could tie that mark this year, and they'll start their quest to get there on Thursday morning as Training Camp gets underway.

"The goal here has never changed. It's been the same since Day #1. You have to stack success and you obviously have to get into the playoffs to get to the Super Bowl . I think it's very important. In my younger years, I'd come in here and I'd answer those questions and the problem is, I actually thought about them. Now I don't even think about it, because it's not what I think about. I thought about it because I wanted to give you a good answer. Now I just got comfortable with not giving you a good answer because that's the reality of it. I'm not trying to be a smart ass. I stay focused on what we need to do. Programs win championships. I never thought that, sell the farm and be a one-year wonder. I mean we've never, that's not the way we're going to do it here. That's been clear cut. I mean, you see the way we do business. That's not our philosophy, so we've built a program and we keep invested in that program. We keep bringing in the younger players and you just got to keep growing," Mike McCarthy, Packers head coach said.

McCarthy's been here through this whole successful run, eight seasons in a row. The Packers and Patriots are the only current teams in the league that can boast such a feat.

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