Dillon says Packers' No. 1 job is to 'respond to adversity'

The Packers are trying to figure out what went wrong against the Jets and how they can fix it.

Tim Van Vooren goes Beyond the Game with AJ Dillon as he explains how he and his team will respond.

Tim Van Vooren: "AJ Dillon, appreciate you coming out. I appreciate it after any game. Certainly appreciate it when the games don't go too well. This one didn't go too well AJ."

AJ Dillon: "No, definitely didn't go the way we wanted it to. Definitely not the result we wanted."

TVV: "Did you see it coming at all? It's kind of a simple question, but sometimes there's a simple answer to a simple question."

Dillon: "No, I don't think anybody saw it coming. I think, you know, it's one of those things where right now all I can think about is like my own performance. And I know that performance I put out today wasn't the performance I saw coming."

TVV: "I wouldn't think too many guys on your side of the ball would say that was what they were hoping to do. The offense has been struggling. Is there some jet lag here? Is this still getting your legs with the transition from the off season? Are the defenses against you better than we thought?"

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Dillon: "I can't speak on anybody besides myself, but for myself, I mean, there's really no excuse. I'm good. There was no jet lag. I just didn't play up to my ability today."

TVV: "The run is something I know the Packers want to establish offensively. It was tough to do that today. And can you put your finger on why? We're fresh out of the locker room here."

Dillon: "Obviously without watching the film, I think like you said, there are some times where we weren't exactly executing the way we wanted to. I think really we kind of hurt ourselves more than they hurt us in a couple of instances. They did have a good defense. They did make plays. I'm not taking that away from them. But, you know, there were times, including myself, where I impose on our own side of the ball, you know, making plays were negative plays where they should have been positive."

TVV: "And it's always so easy to watch it on TV or us up in the press box. And obviously it's way more difficult down on the offense on the field. And the offensive line struggled to get established against the Jets too. To me that always feels a little contagious one way or the other. Hey, when things are going well, suddenly it's easier to keep going well. And when they're not, suddenly it feels like you're going backwards. Does it sometimes feel that way on the field, good or bad?"

Dillon: "Absolutely. I mean, it's just human nature. I mean, when things are going well, everybody is kind of clicking and when things are going bad, that's where you kind of find out a lot and grow a lot. That's something, if looking for a silver lining somewhere, I can grow from and look back at things weren't going my way. How did I respond? How can I respond better next time? How can I lead better? And then I think everybody who feels that same way, has that same mindset, good things will happen, positive change and growth will happen."

TVV: "Well, I know you're a very accountable guy, so let's touch off on that then. How do you and I would say by extension, but I know you prefer to talk about you, how do you get this going in the right direction?"

Dillon: "Obviously you've got to watch the film, got to see where mistakes were made, where it wasn't executed. But I think really off the top of my head and not looking at the film, a lot of the mistakes I made were more mental things. It wasn't like talent issue or a skill issue things like dropping a pass that I may catch 10 out of 10 times and just execute when the team needs you to execute and going out there and performing. And I think just kind of positivity going into the week and taking notes and stuff like that can really help."

TVV: "Last question here for you before I let you run. So a lot of things happening here. What's job one for this football team this week? You're going to Washington to play a game which starts three in a row on the road. What's job one?"

Dillon: "Respond to adversity."