'Getting pumped for baseball:' Brewers fans brave bitter cold to get single-game tickets

Single-game tickets for Brewers games go on sale at Miller Park

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Brewers fans dreamed of warmer weather as they stood in line for hours on Saturday, Feb. 15. It was the first chance to buy Opening Day and single-game tickets for the 2020 season -- unless you had previously bought a ticket package.

"Getting pumped for baseball season," said Nick Malliet of West Allis.

Malliet and hundreds of others stood in freezing temperatures on Saturday for the Arctic Tailgate.

"When other teams get to, like, dress up in shorts and they line up in 70-degree weather for tickets. We're here freezing cold for tickets," said Zach Zwadzich of Madison.

Single-game tickets for Brewers games go on sale at Miller Park

Single-game tickets for Brewers games go on sale at Miller Park

The tailgate is not just the first sign of spring. It is also the first chance fans get to buy single-game tickets for the season. Some fans got to Miller Park early on Friday to secure a good spot in line.

"I really look forward to that. Getting here early to have a good choice of seats," Malliet said.

Lane Grindle

"They want to come out. They want to stand in the cold. They want to prove that they're big fans," said Lane Grindle, one of the voices of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Temperatures were so low Saturday that fans were not allowed to camp outside Miller Park overnight. But that did not stop one group from spending the night in their car.

"It was a way for us to get tickets to Opening Day -- and now it's just become a tradition," Zwadzich said.

The 2020 season marks the Brewers' 50th anniversary. As baseball lovers snag their tickets, many are looking forward to the first pitch.

"There are so many faces. There's going to be some position battles and some things that are going to have to shake out," Grindle said.

By the way, the Brewers host the Chicago Cubs on Opening Day -- Thursday, March 26.