Alzheimer's patient fulfills dream by playing golf with family

Playing 18 holes of golf is a regular occurrence for golf enthusiasts.

For George Tomashot and his family, playing a round at the North Shore Country Club in Mequon means much more.

"Oh, it's good fun because it's a very beautiful place," said George Tomashot. "I got to start the comeback somewhere, so I might do it now."

At almost 90 years old, George has played the game his entire life. He's a self-proclaimed golf nut who can remember and recite almost any statistic from the sport. However, these days, it's the remembering that's becoming quite the hill to climb.

"He might not remember, but in the moment, it really means a lot to him," said Justine Barton, Director of MOSAIC Training & Engagement at Azura Memory Care. "You can see he’s smiling, laughing and joking, and this is a memory that will live on for the family."

George is a resident of Azura Memory Care in Milwaukee and was diagnosed with Stage 6 Alzheimer's Dementia. As part of Azura's MOSAIC Dreams Program, George's dream was to get back out on the golf course.

"It’s super touching that we get to do this for our residents because we get to explore the possibilities through our program," said Barton. "The smiles that are on their faces, and even though sometimes they can't remember things, they'll remember that experience."

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A whole day was planned for George and his family. There were driving range lessons and some new outfits, and he was also able to play 18 holes with Mequon's Jordan Niebrugge, who is here for the summer.

 "To be able to be a part of it and kind of get to know him throughout the day to day, it'll be fun, and I'm sure we’ll have some good golf," said Jordan Niebrugge, a professional golfer.

George was more than ready for his chance to shine.

"I feel relaxed, since it's only the second time this year for me to be out," said Tomashot.

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"It's pretty cool, I mean he's a funny guy," said Niebrugge. "I mean his swing is awesome. He just piped one down the middle about 150 yards, so he's still, for 90 years old, that’s all you can ask for."

Seeing his dad with a golf club in his hands again was an emotional moment for his son Steve.

"How many kids can play golf with their dad when he’s 90 years old?" said Steve Tomashot. "It's really special."

And play they did, every tee shot and every putt.

A priceless day, with a dream fulfilled.

"When memories fade, it's the moments that matter," said Barton. "Like this moment really matters a lot for George and his family. This is a memory that they’ll cherish forever with their dad."