FOX6's Tim Van Vooren, photojournalist have Green Bay streak going

GREEN BAY -- NFL players live a life of routine: play a game on the weekend, review it, take a day off and then start preparing and practicing for next weekend's game. That cycle repeats itself from September to January. Covering a team like the Green Bay Packers means following a similar routine -- or like FOX6's Tim Van Vooren -- changing things up a bit!

In 2004, Tim Van Vooren and his photojournalist, Andy Konkle decided to heck with the mid-week press conferences and practices. They decided to go somewhere different for lunch every week. Then, in 2009, the two decided to go somewhere they've never gone on a Wednesday at mid-week before. In 2012, that streak is still going.

"I've lived here for 15 years and you've eaten at places I've never eaten and places I am not going to eat at," Rob Demovsky with the Green Bay Press Gazette said.

"I'm still waiting for you to come to Chef Jason's. We don't have a rewards program or anything, but we'd be happy to have you, and it would keep the streak alive. We would certainly benefit from the free advertising that would come with it,"'s Jason Wilde said.

Donald Driver urged the two to check out his restaurant of choice -- a'Bravo. 

"You gotta go to a'Bravo. We're open for lunch. 45 minutes -- I can do that. Just call me and we'll take care of you. We'll make everything work for you. Dairy Queen, BW3's, Sammy's, Big Apple, come on!" Driver said.

Tim Van Vooren: "Some days we have to hurry and get in and out and get back. We're here to work." 

"You went to Cousins back-to-back years. And all I ask is to go to a'Bravo one time and I'm not even on this list. You'll love it. I bet you'll like it better than any of these places on this list. You don't even have McDonald's on here. It's official. We're not friends anymore," Driver said.

There is a heightened sense of pressure for all involved, but the streak remains alive.