Zoo Interchange construction detours drivers to new destinations

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- This week, two ramps closed in the Zoo Interchange and that means about 40,000 drivers are taking a detour. Their new route is taking them by new businesses for the first time -- but it's also taking them away from some of their favorites.

The ramp from northbound I-894/U.S. 45 to westbound I-94 and the ramp from westbound I-94 to southbound I-894/U.S. 45 were closed starting Monday, March 9th. Already, these ramp closures are having a noticeable impact on business.

Sammy Bohringer is the owner of Sammy's Taste of Chicago, which is feeling the flavor of business boon.

"Every day people come in that didn't know that this business existed before," said Bohringer.

The closure of the ramp from I-894 northbound to I-94 westbound has many drivers using the stretch of Highway 100 near Sammy's -- thereby driving right by his restaurant.

"It's great! Every day there's like 10, 20, 30 new customers that come in, so it's good," said Bohringer.

Meanwhile, the closure of the ramp from I-94 westbound to I-894 southbound has many drivers taking Lincoln to Beloit Road. But the additional traffic volume is not coaxing customers to come into the nearby Citgo gas station.

"Lotta people come in here talking about the construction is all messed up. Hard to pull in, hard to pull out, you know? So they just go somewhere else. It's easier," said Danyl Umar, who works at Citgo gas station.

Umar tells FOX6 News he's not looking forward to the next two years of the corresponding closure.

On the flipside, Bohringer says he's hoping Highway 100 becomes a regular route for some of those currently driving the detour.

Maps of alternate routes in wake of ramp closures

Ramp from westbound I-94 to southbound I-894/U.S. 45

Ramp from northbound I-894/U.S. 45 to westbound I-94

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