Wife of Milwaukee officer fears retaliation after personal info stolen

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The wife of a Milwaukee police officer is voicing her concerns over the flash drive full of personal information that was stolen from a Dynacare Laboratories employee.

The woman, who wanted to keep her identity secret for her safety, says she already lives in a world where her husband's life is constantly on the line. Now she's concerned for the safety of thousands of people whose information was compromised.

"When I married my husband I took on the risks involved with being a part of a law enforcement family," said the woman. "It makes us really worried that our information is out there."

Around 9,000 people had their information, including social security numbers and addresses, breached.

The woman is not only worried about the potential for identity theft, but that someone could retaliate against her family.

"Somebody that knows my husband's name because they came in contact with him in a work situation, now can come up to my doorstep so easily and do whatever they will to my family," said the woman.

Although the theft happened in late October, the woman found out about the breach through media on Friday, November 15th. She was sent a letter from Dynacare earlier this week.

"There's never anything they are going to be able to say to absolve them from responsibility," she said. "I can fix my credit. I can't replace a life that's been taken. I can't undo harm that's been done."

The woman also says she is worried about those who may be victims of domestic violence or have restraining orders. She says a step in the right direction would be proving those with compromise information some type of home security.