Visitors to Milwaukee Co. Courthouse sweating it out

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee County Courthouse is running on generators a week after a fire in a utility room. But the excessive heat is making it even more uncomfortable in the building.

The county is weighing two important things -- the right people have to speedy legal proceedings and the concern for health and safety inside the building. The courthouse may be hot and uncomfortable, but officials say it's not dangerous.

The courthouse is running on generators, but power is at a premium. Everywhere you look, people are fanning themselves; doing everything they can to stay cool.

The sixth floor was nearly cleared out on Tuesday after people working were told they could not run their fans or power their refrigerators.

For now, County officials are taking precautions, setting up cooling stations with water on each floor. Outside of the building, there's an air-conditioned Milwaukee County bus.