Video shows fiery crash involving Johnsonville semi that shut down portion of I-43 in July

MILWAUKEE -- The Wisconsin Department of Transportation released on Friday, Oct. 4 video showing a fiery crash involving a Johnsonville semi that happened on Sunday night, July 14. The crash happened around 9 p.m., shutting down I-43 in both directions at North Avenue.

Glowing flames illuminated the dark interstate, shutting down the interstate in both directions after a Johnsonville semi driver's tire blew. The semi was headed south on I-43 when the incident happened.

Coming around the curve on I-43 near North Avenue, a white car is seen sliding into a semi. The two vehicles then careen into the median as the light pole comes crashing down. At least a dozen 911 calls poured in as the fire began to rage.

Meanwhile, bystanders tried to help.

The fire burned intensely as traffic crawled around it. Seeing the glowing blaze from afar, vehicles were eventually diverted .

Fortunately, the Johnsonville truck was empty, a company spokeswoman confirmed, adding that the driver was able to bring the truck to a stop and exited prior to the truck and trailer becoming engulfed in flames.

The semi driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The Johnsonville spokeswoman said he was later released.