U.S. Marshals seek the arrests of 3 sex offenders; crimes are unrelated

MILWAUKEE -- U.S Marshals are seeking out three sex offenders who may be hiding out at opposite ends of the city. Their crimes are unrelated to one another but they range from taking the innocence of a child to soliciting a women into prostitution.

The first fugitive wanted by agents is 50-year-old Fabian Ruiz also known as “Manuel Ruiz." He was charged and convicted in 2004 with third degree sexual assault. His criminal history is filled with domestic violence, battery, burglary and narcotics.

"It seems he takes his anger out on females,” the agent on his case said.

Even with this history, Ruiz is married and is believed to be seeking refuge among a large network of family in the south side of Milwaukee.

UPDATE: On Sunday, June 4th, we learned Ruiz had been captured after a tip came in from a viewer who saw this story on FOX6 News.

Next on the list is 37-year-old Dwayne Jefferson. Agents believe he’s hiding out on the north side of the city. On social media he goes by the name “Lamont Smith."

"His original charge was human trafficking, soliciting of prostitutes and keeping a house of prostitution,” the agent said.

According to his record, the Department of Corrections has had issues with Jefferson since his supervised release.

"He violated his rules of supervision,” she said. “He had unapproved sexual contact and engaged in social media which is not approved for him." He’s now gone off the grid. Agents also say he has extended family in Chicago.

    Lastly, agents are searching for 29-year-old Tommy Simpson also known as "Cherry." He claims to be homeless. He's convicted of first degree sexual assault of a child.

    "It was a family member under the age of six,” she explained. “It's pretty disturbing that it would be with such a young child."

    Simpson has a history of armed robbery, and battery. He now has a probation violation for dealing cocaine. But that's not all...

    "She was able to identify Tommy Simpson as her attacker,” the agent said.

    A woman called Milwaukee police in October of 2016 to report a sexual assault. Simpson is a prime suspect in that case.

    "He runs with two different gangs,” she said. The Hot Boyz and the Gangster Disciples, both known as violent gangs."

      Those that know of the fugitive's whereabouts are encouraged to contact the tip line at 414-297-3707. You will remain anonymous.