"They couldn't revive him:" Fight breaks out, leads to Milwaukee man being fatally stabbed

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating a fatal stabbing that happened near 9th and Hadley -- a place where residents said they once felt safe.

"People need to put then guns down and the knives down," said a neighbor.

Neighbors say the area near 9th and Hadley on Saturday night, August 15th became a crime scene overnight. Police squads, fire trucks, and emergency personnel crowded the corner shortly before 11 p.m.

Police say there was a stabbing during an altercation between the victim, 36-year-old Earthley Grant of Milwaukee, and a known 54-year-old suspect. A witness says it was a gruesome scene.

"I seen all the fire departments and paramedics and I went up there and I seen them trying to revive them and they couldn't revive him," said the witness.

The latest victim means the cities homicide rates is nearing 100.

Another neighbor was at a family funeral just before heading home to see what he described as chaotic.

"A lot of screaming and hollering and 'oh my god, oh my god.' Lot of lights and tape," said the neighbor.

Neighbors say this neighborhood was once a safe place.

"It's a couple times that my wife and I sit on the porch, went in the house, it was so peaceful we forgot to close the door and in the morning, door was still open but not anymore," said the neighbor.

The suspect in this stabbing was arrested by police. The case is now being reviewed by Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office.

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