There's a simple way you can check to see when your favorite grocery store is least busy

MILWAUKEE -- Grocery shopping is no simple task amid the coronavirus pandemic. Not only are there health concerns when it comes to being out in public and around people who could spread COVID-19, the effort to practice social distancing has made the chore a longer process for some.

Thankfully, there's a simple way you can find out when your favorite grocery store is least busy, and perhaps, make your shopping trip go more smoothly. You may already be using it, or you may have used it in the past.

While not new, this Google tool can be especially handy during the coronavirus pandemic -- which has prompted lines outside some grocery stores -- with limits on the number of people who can be inside at any given time.

Using historical data from Google Maps, Google offers an hour-by-hour breakdown of popular times to visit your favorite store.

Simply go to Google, type in the name and location of your favorite store, and when you scroll down on the right sidebar (on desktop), Google will show you when the store is busiest.

On mobile, type the name of your favorite grocery store into Google, and then click the blue down arrow above "More" to access the chart:

Even better, there's a live feature that lets you see how busy your store is at this very moment.

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