Report: 72 in Wisconsin lost their lives to domestic violence in 2019

The Wisconsin Domestic Violence Homicide Report for 2019 found 72 people in Wisconsin lost their lives to domestic violence last year.

The report was released Wednesday, Sept. 16 by End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin (End Abuse).

According to a news release, 52 of the 72 were victims of domestic violence homicides -- and these incidents took place in 23 Wisconsin counties.

Eighteen were perpetrators of domestic violence homicides who then died by suicide.

Two were perpetrators of domestic violence homicide who were killed by law enforcement. 

This annual report has been put together for 20 years "with the intention of honoring the lives of victims of domestic violence homicide and catalyzing improvements in systemic and community responses to violence."

The latest report offers a 20-year review of data showing at least 57% of the domestic violence homicide incidents over the past two decades have involved prior domestic abuse as a precipitating factor.

Additionally, the report shows a victim leaving a relationship preceded at least 42% of the cases.

The report found over the past 15 years, firearms have killed more people in domestic violence homicides in Wisconsin than all other methods combined.

The statement from End Wisconsin noted they are working to establish relationships between domestic violence prevention programs and housing and homelessness service providers, with "the difficulty of achieving long-term economic stability a perpetual barrier and challenge survivors face."

Further, the statement noted that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, "international reporting indicates an increase in domestic abuse incidents due to loss of income, isolation and being in an enclosed space with an abusive partner."