Proposed bill would make Chicago its own state

CHICAGO -- An Illinois lawmaker wants the state to cut its ties to the Windy City. A House resolution proposes to make the City of Chicago its own state.

State Representative Chris Miller says the city and southern Illinois are split in their ways of thinking.

Some residents downstate say they don't feel like their values are being respected.

"Basically everything that makes us up is God, guns and freedom. And they keep banging out our God, our guns and our freedom. Essentially we're a different of breed of people. It's just that simple. And we're getting governed by people who don't see it our way at all and don't want to listen to our opinion," said Andrew Hammond, from Marshall, Illinois.

It's not the first time someone has tried to split up the state.

Chicago passed a resolution in 1925 to form the state of Chicago, and in 1981, a state senator passed a bill through the Legislature to make Cook County its own state.

Neither bill was ever implemented.