Police: Seven-week-old girl found dead at home near 46th & Garfield; parents in custody

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police on Wednesday, November 25th were called out to 46th and Garfield, where a seven-week-old infant was found dead. This death is being called suspicious by Milwaukee police.

Seven-week-old baby dies near 46th and Garfield

Police say this all began sometime between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. We're told the seven-week-old girl was found in a bedroom by her grandmother.

Police say they were not called out to the scene until around 5:45 p.m.

Seven-week-old baby dies near 46th and Garfield

Investigators say the parents, a 20-year-old man and 26-year-old woman, and baby were visiting the grandmother's house.

Police believe the parents were under the influence. They were taken into custody on unrelated, outstanding warrants.

We're told police found K2 -- a synthetic marijuana at the scene.

"Both parents were very intoxicated.  They are currently in custody on unrelated charges as we try to investigate this," Stephen Basting with the Milwaukee Police Department said.

Firefighters worked for an hour to try to resuscitate the girl -- but she didn't make it.

Seven-week-old baby dies near 46th and Garfield

"Kids are always hard.  You never get over kids.  Especially for the firefighters.   To work on this infant here for an hour -- that`s very telling for their dedication as well," Basting said.

Police say there were other children inside the home when this occurred -- and they say the parents are cooperating at this time with the investigation.

Infant death near 46th and Garfield

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett issued the following statement in relation to this incident and another infant death in Milwaukee Wednesday:

"The deaths of the two infant girls are gut-wrenching.The circumstances of each incident are under review but the early reports indicate that the deaths of the babies were preventable, compounding the tragedy and senselessness of each death.

"The loss of these two young, innocent lives will mark this Thanksgiving for family, friends and the community for years to come. Today, as we give thanks to God for our families, include these two baby girls in your thoughts and prayers."