Police say woman's death at group home caused by fall from window; family members don't believe it

MILWAUKEE -- A 36-year-old woman with disabilities died at the group home where she lived. Police said she was found on the ground outside her second-story window. They believe she fell, but family members said they don't believe that story.

"She was like my daughter," Marisol Valentin said.

Marisol Valentin

Valentin on Monday, January 23rd was trying to come to terms with the tragic death of her sister, 36-year-old Tanya Valentin. She received a call early Saturday morning, and learned Tanya fell out of her second-story bedroom window.

"I do not believe it. There's no way. It'll never add up. As soon as she got to Froedtert, they said her heart stopped beating," Marisol Valentin said.

Tanya Valentin lived at Agape Supportive Living Center -- a home for disabled adults. Tanya Valentin had autism.

Marisol and Tanya Valentin

"She was like a baby," Marisol Valentin said.

Marisol Valentin said her sister had poor vision and was often heavily medicated at the facility.

"For them to tell me that she opened a window with her severe cataract, where she was almost legally blind, it`s impossible," Marisol Valentin said.

Tanya Valentin

Marisol Valentin said more than a month ago, Tanya had a black eye -- the second since September.

"With talking to one of the workers, it was said it wasn`t something that was self-inflicted. You could tell someone had punched her in her eye," Marisol Valentin said.

She said those at the facility never told her what happened, and Tanya couldn't.

Agape Supportive Living Center

"If anything happened I would say 'Tanya, who hurt you? Who might have done this to you? But she couldn`t tell me," Marisol Valentin said.

Tanya Valentin

And now, she may never know how her little sister lost her life.

"I need justice for Tanya," Marisol Valentin said.

Police said they do not suspect foul play in this case, but the investigation is ongoing.

FOX6 News reached out to the Agape Supportive Living Center, but we have not heard back.

We are also waiting to hear back from the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office as to the cause of death.