Police issue citations against three Hale students after fight

WEST ALLIS -- Police have now issued citations following a February 27th fight in a Nathan Hale High School bathroom that sent one student to the hospital.

NOTE - The video above is violent, and may be disturbing.

Video taken during the incident shows two Nathan Hale High School students meet in a bathroom, tap fists and then go at each other. The cell phone video was recently recovered by West Allis police. Until police found the video, there were conflicting stories from students regarding what really happened.

West Allis Police Deputy Chief Charles Padgett says once the fight was over, the stories began to spread through the school, and as they spread, they changed. "The video doesn't lie. It tells us exactly what happened. Investigating things in the schools when you have juveniles involved and in large numbers, specifically now with social media, you'll get a lot of different stories and different versions," Chief Padgett said.

While the cell phone video shows what actually happened during the majority of the incident in the bathroom, it doesn't clear up all the mysteries. "It can't tell us motivations, and things that happened prior to that," Chief Padgett said.

Why the two boys entered the bathroom, who began the initial conflict and what the conflict was over are all questions police are still trying to answer. "There's still conflicting stories, because I believe one of the people involved indicated that he didn't intend on going in (the bathroom), but there's other information that indicates that they both intended on going in to fight," Chief Padgett said.

Police have cited all three students involved in the incident. The boy shown standing in the video has been charged with disorderly conduct and battery. The boy on the ground in the video faces a disorderly conduct charge, and the boy recording the cell phone video has been charged with lying to police.

No one from the West Allis School District was available for comment, however, the superintendent's office released a statement, saying one of the students involved in the incident was expelled from the district, and the district considers this an isolated incident that will not be repeated.